Top 10 Common and Dangerous CV Mistakes Nigerians Make And How To Avoid Them

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In this post we are going to be listing the top 10 Common as well dangerous CV mistakes most Nigerian job seekers make and how you can avoid them.

Submitting a poor CV is one of the most dangerous job applicants make in Nigeria today. Your CV gives you an opportunity to show your employer that you are qualified for a job, thus a poor CV is going to do otherwise.

The truth is, beside your Name, contact and address (which are the basic), every other information you include on your CV should try to sell you.

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Some applicants believe the more information they include on their CVs, the more their chances of getting shortlisted, but this is not the case.

In this post I’ll try to briefly highlight some of the common mistakes job seekers make on their CVs.

Checkout the list of common CV mistakes and how to avoid them below;

  1. Including irrelevant personal information.
  2. Concealing important information.
  3. Being Vague.
  4. Too much employment gap.
  5. Telling lies.
  6. Writing a lengthy CV.
  7. Unnecessary elaborate design.
  8. Meaningless introduction.
  9. Including references.
  10. Poor spelling and grammar.

So what can I do to avoid this top 10 CV mistakes.

How to avoid making common CV mistakes

Making a mistake on your CV is more or less like shooting yourself in the leg, and this needs to stop before it ruins you.

To this common mistakes you can either take note of the above common errors, and make sure you avoid them next time. Or simply give the job of writing your CV to a professional.

The benefits of having your CV written by a professional is endless, as you’d be certain of getting 100% quality.

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