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Fuel scarcity is slowly coming back and here is why the FG can’t sort it out

DSM dp6W0AUTDQB 300x260 - Fuel scarcity is slowly coming back and here is why the FG can't sort it out

Fuel scarcity is slowly coming back like a cockroach and here is why the Federal Government are incapable of sorting it out.

Nearly every major city in Nigeria is gradually experiencing another round of fuel scarcity, and it all but seems like our greatest fears are back to hunt us.

Many people are wondering why there is a new round of scarcity, and reason is simple, the fuel marketers are at it again, and the government are going to take us round that circle again.

The problems of Nigeria never seems to end, as new ones arise daily, from fuel scarcity late last year, to Fulani Herdsmen (Sorry Islamic State of West Africa 😱) killing in the middle belt, and now again fuel scarcity.

It is claimed that tge landing cost of petrol was N133.28 per litre in 2016 (when it was sold at N145 per litre), and is now N171 per litre. So the marketers claim it is impossible to do business with the current situation, except we want them to go out of business.

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Each time the price of crude goes up in the international market, expect petrol queues back home in Nigeria because Africa’s second largest crude oil producer can’t refine its own crude for local consumption.

Updated: January 22, 2018 — 9:45 pm

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