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Nigerian Poetry: Morbidity by Opeyemi Joe

072 600 300x231 - Nigerian Poetry: Morbidity by Opeyemi Joe

I have often pushed
Myself to the brink of
Insanity trying to imagine
To think out the state of
Their humanism whilst they deal
Blithely in such sanguineous
Industry of kind butchery…

How they hypnotise those busloads
And carloads of human cargoes
Leading them like sheep to the
Slaughter slabs somewhere deep
In their forested labs where they
Dissect and dress human specimens
Their choice parts for sale in their night markets
A slice of mutton or side of beef
For Suya and Kilishi
A rash of bacon for pepper soup…

As rehearsed in the terror tales of a skimpy
Score of escaped survivors whose woes bugle
Into government-styled anaesthesia
The horror-stricken ears of
Our stunned minds and bodies petrified
By an arctic fright…

I have often brush the cusps
Of coma trying to send Mind
On that morbid flight of trauma
Only to reel back from the impact
At the tail end of a madding soul-peeling
And such headache that accompanies
From fantasising such bloody forays
Usually gains on migraine…

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Having lost the purchase I only could guess
Maybe if one kills chickens long enough
Then one could equally pretend the humans were one as such.

This Nigerian Poetry titled Morbidity was written by Opeyemi Joe, I hope you enjoyed it.

Updated: January 27, 2018 — 10:37 am

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