Nysc Jobs: Things You Can Still Do To Earn Money As A Serving Corper

NYSC nan 300x175 - Nysc Jobs: Things You Can Still Do To Earn Money As A Serving Corper

Here is a list of the things you can engage yourself in during your service year, so as to earn some cash.

We are all more than aware that the N19,800 stipend paid by the scheme is not enough to sustain a serving corps member, so instead of you bothering your family, why not try out some of the below ideas to make some cash.

1. Blogging: Since what you do is PPA, CDS things, its best you engage your time in blogging. I have seen alot of corpers taking their laptops, andriod phones to their service year and end up watching films with it or taking selfies..well that is a waste of time. you can go into blogging and make cool money from it. you will need a domain name and an host provider to set you up for it. thus can bring you much more than wasting your time during the service year.

2. Organise extra moral classes: Aside the online things you can make money offline during the service year..you can arrange to be a private tutor to some parents kids and children who may need extra tutors to coach their wards at home or meet a place to teach them. it will surely pay you whenever you return from your PPA during the day.

3. Join Fiverr: So many have a heard about it and don’t know the rudiments. ..this is an online community where you offer to do something you are good at for as low as $5. you can make above that sum depending on what you offer and how quick you deliver each task. Alot of Nigerians are into it and making it. visit the Fiverr website today and sign up. This can bring you extra income and does not take much of your time

There you have it on this post “Nysc Jobs: Things You Can Still Do To Earn Money As A Serving Corper.” I hope you found this piece helpful more than a bit.

Updated: December 28, 2017 — 3:57 pm

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