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After My NYSC What Next? See top 5 profitable things to do after NYSC

NYSC nan 300x175 - After My NYSC What Next? See top 5 profitable things to do after NYSC

Want to know profitable things you can do after your National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)? Then checkout this post.

It is so sad that after the completion of the one year compulsory service, many Nigerian youths are left in a limbo without knowing the next step to take in life.

Its no joke that over 4million Nigerian youths joined the unending list of unemployment in the last one year, and many more are coming. The stark reality is that jobs are scarce and many more youths are going to be without a job.

This is why many young vibrant Nigerians want to know the things they can engage in after completion of NYSC.

List of Top 5 profitable things to do after NYSC

1. Start a business: Am sure you must have heard of this before, it is high time you take it serious. If you want to be successful and not waste your time searching for a job, then setup a business. A profitable one though.


2. If you haven’t learnt a skill, then do so: The NYSC scheme places high importance on skills acquisition, and if you took it all as a joke back then, it is high time you take it serious.

3. Further your education: Personally I don’t really see this as the next thing, but for some people it is the only best option. You can go for your Master Degree, or a Second Degree all in a bid to boost your credentials and job opportunity.

4. Learn a professional course: This is important for those who want to go into a professional line, and want to be respected. If you want to go into media, you can learn related courses so as to improve your profile.

5. Don’t get married or pregnant if your are not financially ready: I know many might disagree, but statistics has it that most marriages crashed due to financial difficulties. It won’t be nice to have a failed marriage so plan well.

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There you have it on this post “After My NYSC What Next? See top 5 profitable things to do after NYSC.” All the best.

Updated: December 24, 2017 — 6:53 am

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