Top 5 Things Anyone Who Just Finished NYSC Will Come To Relate To

NYSC nan 300x175 - Top 5 Things Anyone Who Just Finished NYSC Will Come To Relate To

Here are the Top 6 things anyone who just finished NYSC will come to relate to.

Now that you have hung the jungle boots and folded that khaki away, am sure you are of the realization that life has just begun as a Nigerian graduate. has put together top 6 things most of these ex corp members will definitely go through after the one year service.

Checkout the list below;

1. Its trek time: You don’t like to trek, my brother you have to learn how to now. Its time to search for a job, and as we all know, jobs are scarce in the country, so get ready.

2. No more allowee: Its going to come as a shock at first, as the constant N19k which you were paid as a corps member, will no longer come your way. Though we hope this won’t matter to you, as we wish you get a job immediately.

3. Parents don’t care anymore: Now you are going to think your parents who provided your every single need from birth to university no longer care. Well it is not their fault they now have to focus on your siblings, or simply easing off the stress of child rearing. So, all they do now is pray and hope you get a job, so you too can come and take care of them.

4. Nigeria as a student is different from Nigeria as a graduate: Now you are going to realise that life is not a bed of roses. Things have changed and you are now your own boss. Life is going to step on your toes, there will be times when it looks like your dreams will never come true or that God doesn’t answer prayers anymore but you are goin to gave to keep moving.

5. Bills won’t pay themselves: The truth is you are now an adult. Now the time has come for you to stand on your feet.

6. Uncles don’t really care, you are on your own: Sadly, you are going to find that, that uncle who ave you a pat on the back and said ‘send me your CV when you graduate so I place you somewhere’, would now tell you that he has very little power to do anything for you. The sadder part, their child who also just passed out of NYSC the same time like you, wouldn’t have a problem getting a job.

There you have it on this post “Top 5 Things Anyone Who Just Finished NYSC Will Come To Relate To.” I hope you found this helpful.

Updated: December 24, 2017 — 11:53 am

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