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Top Online Shopping Hacks And Tricks To Get The Best This 2018

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Checkout the Top Online Shopping Hacks And Tricks To Get The Best online shopping experience This 2018.

1. FIND DEALS: The best advice you need to follow is this, Deals! Deals are the shoppers holy grail. With every piece of dress, smartphone of pc you want, know that either a website has it on sale somewhere or there is a coupon that can be used to purchase it. If website A has a shirt for N5000, chances are that website B has it for Less or has a coupon that can be used to buy it.

2. KNOW YOUR SIZE: One of the biggest problems you can face when shopping online is getting the right size. The trick is to know your exact size for each piece of clothing you are looking to buy, know your shoe size, know your dress size an also know the conversion per region, for example, a US male size 44 is a UK size 10 and so on. Websites always have a small link or pop up window that shows the size comparisons.

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3. COMPARE PRICES: As a serial online shopper you should know that most products are available on multiple websites, and each website is trying to outdo the other and get its customers so everyone would want to offer a lesser price. You never can tell, you might end up getting that PS4 for half the price

4. FREE SHIPPING: We all want to spend a particular amount on some certain items especially when we are balling on a budget it becomes a headache when we have to now pay extra for shipping. Thank God for sites like jumia that give free shipping on items above a particular amount, the hack here is to buy as much as the said amount or shop with or for your friends and family so as to fill the cart and enjoy free shipping

5. USE YOUR WISHLIST: A lot of people miss out on items they like to have because they feel they cannot afford it. But by using your wish list to save the item you can keep it in view till sales on the said item or a site wide sale is on so you can just either buy it a a reduced price or use a voucher or coupon to get it

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6. Ask agents questions: We all close that chat pop up that comes up whenever we visit our favourite online stores, but you shouldn’t. Just ask any of the agents if there is a special deal or coupon for the day, more often than not there will be. And now you don’t get to miss out on daily deals any more.

7. Practice Safe Shopping: Finally, be safe, with all the search for cheap deals, we are prone to come across scam websites and phishers that will steal your identity and siphon all your funds. Make sure you are buying from a trusted source. Check and be sure that you are buying from the right website and not a copy, check the links address for the secure sign to be sure.

Updated: December 23, 2017 — 10:42 am

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